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Product Specifications

Collaboration Viewer Lite Design Synergy BIM Solution Ultimate Construction VDC
Unique Features
Multi-User VR Collaboration Platform JOIN JOIN JOIN JOIN HOST + JOIN JOIN HOST + JOIN
Live Link Bidirectional synchronization (1) REVIT / ARCHICAD SYNC ONLY
Interactive 2D Viewsheet System
Event Trigger System
Build Sequence Animation System
Direct Archvision RPC Support
Direct Substance Material Support (.sbsar)
Direct PBR support (up to six map)
VR-Ready Client Viewer generation
3D navigation controls with interactive 2D navigational map
Worksharing support for Fuzor CHE files
Microsoft HoloLens
VR/MR Support
Oculus Rift and Touch support
HTC Vive Support
Windows Mixed Reality
Google Cardboard support
VR Design Tools
VR Interactive Tools VIEWING ONLY
Family Placement
4D VR Viewing
Family Object Movement
Live VR Measurement
Real-time Material changes
VR Mark-ups and Screenshots
2D Map and Savied View Navigation
View Element Properties
Masking Mode
Operator Mode
Interactive VR Video
VR Record and Playback
VR Presence Mapper
Scale Mode
Visibility Override
Airplane and Avatar Navigation Mode
Real time material and lighting adjustments
Family object placement
Object refitting capability
Seasonal foliage library with fast placement (2)
Customizable design options VIEWING ONLY
View Analysis
Weather controls
Sun Study controls
Vehicle and entourage placement
Museum Box render Mode
2D Media / Projected Media assignment
Render Style and Graphical Adjustment controls RENDER STYLE ONLY
360 Panoramic Screenshot
VR Panoramic Screenshot for Mobile
Customizable Skybox
Customizable Audio Effects
Door animation controls
Custom rotation and translation animation creation
Spawn particles - fire, smoke, water
Selectable terrain and sky type
CCTV design and simulation
Avatar customization
BIM Analysis
Measurement tools
Save camera views with BIM values
Footstep counter measurement
Clash analysis, grouping and report
Cinematic BIM editing functions
Section box and multiple section planes
Component and object visibility controls
Element Property Filter System
AM/FM BIM info transfer to executable file
BIM information edit and creation
Light metering and report functionality
Phase Filtering support
Height Clearance Analysis
Safety Clearance Analysis
Combined Matrix System Advanced Filter/Search Technology
4D Schedule Import and Creation, Editing, and Animation
Auto-Assign Objects to Tasks
Custom sequence animation
Built-in Object Stagger Animation Capability
Animatable Equipment with Grab and Release
Custom Construction Zoning
Volumetric Quantity Take-Off
5D Cost Tracking and Analysis
Safety Equipment with Fast Placement
Geometry Splitting
Object Dismantle Capability
Communication and Mobility
Fuzor Mobile file generation
Fuzor Mobile 2D Map Mode
Object annotation system
Issue Tracker (req. Collaboration Server)
Flythrough cinematic recording, editing, and MP4 export
Walkthrough cinematic recording, editing, and MP4 export
HD screenshot and screenshot transparency
Object QR Code
Additional Features
C.A.V.E Support
Hologram Support
Point Cloud drag and drop support (.pts, .fls)
Recap support through Revit and Navisworks (.rcp)
Rhino bidirectional-link through plug-in support
Archicad bidirectional-link through plug-in support
FBX, 3DS, and Sketchup drag and drop support
Navisworks loading plug-in
Fuzor API support (3)
MSI Installer Support for Network Installation
Additional Device Support
3D glasses for 3D TV and monitor
X-Box 360 Controller
USB game pad
3D mouse

(1)  Bidirectional Live Link supported for: Autodesk Revit 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. ARCHICAD 18, 19, 20 and 21. Rhino 5 (x64)

(2)  Fuzor has 200+ species of trees and foliage with seasonal changes. Tree pack for Stardard Library and regional foliage packs with tree growth are available for purchase.

(3)  Fuzor API for AM/FM BIM integration is available upon request and is supported on all Fuzor versions including Mobile.