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Mobile Capabilities

Fuzor's Mobile lets you take your project with you on the move or on site. Mobile viewing comes with our gyroscopic view tracking toggle that reads your head's natural movement. This is also automaticallt incorporated into our Google Cardboard support for mobile VR viewing.

Apple Pencil Navigation for iPad Pro

For additional navigation control on the iPad Pro, Fuzor provides Apple Pencil Navigation support. Use stylus pressure to change navigation speed and tilt to determine travel direction. Then use that same stylus to create pen drawn notations in our annotations and issue tracker. Apple Pencil Navigation provides added utility with easy, one-handed navigation.

Point of Interest Navigation

Fuzor Mobile introduces Point of Interest (POI) Navigation Mode for hands-free mobile navigation. With POI navigation control, you can create preset POI markers at custom locations in Fuzor, then output your project to mobile. To navigate, simply look at for a short time and instantly jump to that location. POI navigation grants users an additional mode of movement in mobile VR with the added benefit of taking clients directly to where you want them to be.

Validation and Analysis Tools

Our mobile platform also provides several productivity tools including:

  •   annotation and issue tracker capabilities
  •   section cut planes
  •   measurement tools
  •   object visibility controls
  •   screenshot creation
  •   saved view controls, and
  •   2D viewsheet mode

QR Codes

Additionally, QR codes can be generated in Fuzor that, when read by Fuzor Mobile's QR Code Reader, jump you directly to a specific object or issue and its associated information. The QR code functionality can also be used to reference any issues in the field as well as provide location data in the mobile model.