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Please Note: Currently all Webinars are for the GMT+8 Time Zone  (More time Zones Coming Soon!)


Create Impressive 4D simulation with 5D for Tender Submission and Project Management by Fuzor

March 21st 6-7:15PM GMT+8
March 28th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 4th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 17th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 25th 6-7:15PM GMT+8

New Feasures available in Fuzor Ultimate 2019

April 1st 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 15th 6-7:15PM GMT+8

New Feasures available in Fuzor VDC 2019

April 8th 6-7:15PM GMT+8

Fuzor Overview

March 26th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 10th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 24th 6-7:15PM GMT+8

Sequence Animation Workshop

March 25th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 16th 6-7:15PM GMT+8

Event Trigger Basic Workshop 1

March 20th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
March 27th 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 3rd 6-7:15PM GMT+8

Event Trigger Advance Workshop 2

March 22nd 6-7:15PM GMT+8
April 11th 6-7:15PM GMT+8

Webinar Overviews

Create Impressive 4D simulation with 5D for Tender Submission and Project Management by Fuzor
  • Why people pick Fuzor for 4D
  • 4D Schedule Import and Creation, Editing, and Export
  • Combined Matrix System Advanced Filter/Search Technology
  • Auto-Assign Objects to Tasks
  • Custom Construction Zoning
  • Built-in Object Stagger Animation Capability
  • Animatable Equipment with Grab and Release
  • Custom sequence animations
  • Object Dismantle Capability
  • Volumetric Quantity Take-Off
  • 5D Cost Tracking and Analysis
  • Safety Equipment with Fast Placement
  • Geometry Splitting
  • How to apply PBR and substance material
  • How to create fly through and walk through video
  • 10 minutes Q&A
Fuzor Overview
  • Bi-directional Live Link
  • 2D and 3D hybrid
  • Realistic Render with PBR Material
  • Landscape Design
  • Clash Analysis
  • Height Clearance
  • CCTV Simulation
  • Construction Management
  • Fuzor VR
  • Fuzor Event Trigger System
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Private Collaboration between field and office
  • AR
  • 10 minutes Q&A
Fuzor Sequence Animation Workshop
  • How to animate your own construction equipment such as excavator from a Sketchup model
  • How to create complex animation of an object and add it to the 4D schedule
  • How to create explosion diagram
  • How to animate cabinet, window, drawers
Fuzor Event Trigger Basic Workshop
  • Turn on and off the lights with switch
  • Switch to day time and night time with event trigger
  • Turn on and off the TV with remote control
  • Turn on and off the music player
  • Turn on the fan
  • Trigger the double sliding door to open automatically
  • Trigger the window to open
  • Trigger different save view
  • Toggle custom dialog for different design options
  • Send the choice selection via email
  • Enable trigger in VR
  • Trigger Construction Animation
  • Other triggers (change avatar mode, avatar type, navigation mode, render mode, app menu)
Fuzor Event Trigger Advanced Workshop 2
  • Lift trigger
  • Site logistic trigger
  • Installation trigger

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