Join the Fuzor Team

Fuzor is created and produced by Kalloc Studios, a growing company based in southern California. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent and fresh faces. The charm of a growing company coupled with the vision of becoming a market-leading corporation make Kalloc a great place to work, whether you seek the fast-paced excitement of a major corporation or the close collaboration and friendly interaction that a more intimate environment promotes.

Career Opportunities

The Fuzor team is currently looking for the following positions focusing on AEC software development:

  •  Graphics Programmer
  •  System Programmer
  •  Network Programmer
  •  Tools Programmer


Kalloc Studios specializes in high-end graphical rendering and multicore processing engines with a focus on productivity and project lifecycle connectivity for the AEC industry. Our core focus lies in Fuzor, our flagship AEC productivity software. We also license our proprietary Kalloc Engine technology and provide technical support for other endeavors. We are continuously working to expand Fuzor's AEC capabilities with major feature upgrades and technical/customer support. Fuzor presents exciting technical challenges that are ideal for out-of-the-box thinkers, technology enthusiasts and those with a passion for AEC and designing, testing and creating AEC software.

What we are looking for...

We are currently looking for individuals with knowledge and/or experience in the AEC industry and a desire to push the boundaries of technology. However we are always open to new talent. You are encouraged to submit your resume even if the position you desire is not listed here. Kalloc Studios is always looking for ambitious new talent and skilled programmers, designers, and technical artists.

Please send your resume to in Microsoft Word or PDF format and list the position you are applying for in the Subject line of your email.