API Capabilities

Fuzor's Application Programming Interface (API) is a powerful tool which allows websites and applications to launch, query, and send commands to the Fuzor program on both PC and Mobile devices. Fuzor's API exposes functionality which can help integrate Fuzor into many different kinds of applications and provides scripting functionality that can be applied to complex animations, 4D construction sequencing and more.

Fuzor's API functions differently from traditional APIs. Traditional APIs create a space for the developer to program Plug-ins and Add-ins within the host program. This requires time for the developer to learn and conform to the host program's functionality and can limit what they can do. With Fuzor's API, developers can create external applications as complex as a second program or as simple as a web interface and have them communicate directly with Fuzor.

Traditional Method

Fuzor Method

Fuzor's API has been used for a various purposes from design and animation to Asset and Facilities Management integration. With the ability to control movement and materials, access object data and more, our API grants developers access to a whole new world of AEC interoperability.

To learn more about our API or to request access, please contact us.