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VR Collaboration Platform

Multi-user Interactive Design

For years the AEC industry has been calling out for a fully immersive and interactive design collaboration solution. With Fuzor, that solution is finally here. Get ready to experience coordination without limitations with Fuzor's Multi-user Interactive Design Platform. Interact with multiple parties like never before. Choose between Real-Time and Worksharing Collaboration modes and design and communicate simultaneously with other Fuzor users anywhere across the globe, all from the convenience of your own workstation. Whether separated by a wall or an ocean, Fuzor's Multi-user Interactive Design Platform feature lets you be a part of the design and review process.

Real-time Peer-to-Peer Collaboration: MMOD (Mass Multi-user Online Design)

With the Real-Time Collaboration feature, users can join in on or host design and review sessions. As a guest, follow along as your host guides you around the project. As the host, take the driver's seat and give your guests the guided tour and highlight key points of interest, or use the Free Roaming option to grant your guests the freedom to openly explore. You can even make design changes that can be actively viewed by your guests in real time. And with the power of Fuzor's AEC Engine, the number of guest attendees is limited only by what the host's hardware can support.

With Real-Time Collaboration's real-time visualization and communication ability, multiple parties can immerse themselves within the project to discuss design options and issues no matter where they are, taking away the complication of distance in collaboration meetings and helping expedite the design and review process.

  •  Features Include:
  • Host design changes actively viewable by guests
  • Centralized annotation system for sharing of annotations
  • Designation markers to highlight points of interest
  • Chat window
  • Guided Tour and Free Roaming modes
  • Fast local cache file loading
  • Instant movement (jump to any participant's location by clicking their name)
  • Host and Guest mini-map location indicator
  • Report generation for chat history and annotations

Worksharing Collaboration 

Working with multiple colleagues, departments or offices on the same project? Fuzor's Worksharing Collaboration feature allows multiple users to make changes to the project both in Fuzor and/or in their BIM design software, then upload those changes through Fuzor to a central server location. With the click of a button, any revisions made to the central model can be download directly into the user's current work. Fuzor even grants you the option to pick and choose which changes to keep or discard, which can prove especially useful when coordinating with a large team. With Fuzor's Worksharing Collaboration feature, parallel workflow has moved out of the realm of concept and into reality.

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