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Fuzor Mobile  brings portability to the AEC professional on the go. Quickly connect to and view your project on any mobile device. Fuzor Mobile provides users with validation and analysis tools, visibility controls, annotation and issue tracking capabilities and more, as well as providing support for Google Cardboard viewing. Fuzor Mobile is available on both iOS and Android.

Issue Tracking and Annotation with Pen Support

The ability to create and track issues is an important aspect of any project. Fuzor Mobile delivers that power in a portable format. Make annotations from your mobile device, then save out those annotations and distribute them to project stakeholders.

For more versatility, connect to our Worksharing Collaboration Server and harness the power of our Issue Tracking System. Automatically track issues and annotations back and forth across PC and mobile complete with project management fields. Create pen-drawn notations on any device. Navigate on the iPad Pro using pen pressure. With Fuzor Mobile you can resolve your project challenges quickly and easily, no matter wherever you may be.

NOTE: Issue Tracker requires Collaboration Server setup.

PC Issue Tracker Interface

PC Mark-up

Mobile Interface

Mobile Secondary Mark-up

Issue Response

Keyboard Notation

Pen Movement and Navigation*

Validation and Analysis

Project review utilizes many functions such as cross sectional cuts, measurement tools and more. Fuzor Mobile delivers that basic functionality in a user-friendly fashion. Create multiple section cuts, save viewpoints, take snapshots, make fast measurements, toggle object visibility and lock viewing onto selected objects to maximize your review capabilities.


Visibility Override

Section Cuts

Object Pivot

Saved Views

Gyroscopic Motion Tracking

The more natural your viewing experience is, the less you need to think about navigation control. Fuzor adds that natural feel to your viewing experience with our Gyroscopic Motion Tracking. With Gyroscopic View Tracking your view follows your device movement as if you were standing inside your model, addng an immersive feel to your viewing experience while letting you take your mind off of navigation and letting you focus on more important issues.

Google Cardboard Support

VR is an ever expanding industry, and mobile VR is no exception. In keeping with this trend, Fuzor Mobile provides Google Cardboard viewing capability, letting you navigate your project in VR straight from your mobile device. Our interface even allows for the use of external bluetooth controllers, making your project fully navigable and adding depth to your mobile experience.

NOTE: Google Cardboard viewing is supported on iOS and Android 4.1+ and is available on both free and paid versions.

QR Code Reader

QR codes are a fast user-friendly connection point between the digital and offline worlds and are utilized in many industries including AEC. Fuzor and Fuzor Mobile give you access to the utility of QR with our code generation and code reading capabilities. Create QR codes for parts of your project model in Fuzor, then distribute those codes to quickly and easily direct attention to those objects and their associated issues in Fuzor Mobile. You can also print them and apply them to your active job site for fast access to useful information.

Mobile 2D Viewsheets (iPad Pro Edition - Coming Soon)

Working between 3D models and 2D drawings can be a disconnected process requiring designers to jump back and forth between visualization tools and 2D authoring software. Fuzor Mobile seamlessly connects 2D with 3D using our adaptive 2D viewsheets. Switch back and forth between 3D views and 2D viewsheets to get a clearer understanding of your project.

Fuzor Mobile Gym

2D Gym Drawing

Fuzor Mobile Entry Stairwell

2D Entry Stairwell