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Versatile Design

Fuzor offers a wide array of capabilities to fit your many design needs. Look and see how Fuzor can help you show off your design versatility.


  • Interoperability Diagram
  • Revit Model
  • Revit in Fuzor
  • Archicad Model
  • Archicad in Fuzor
  • Rhino Model
  • Rhino in Fuzor
  • SketchUp Model
  • SketchUp in Fuzor
  • Combined Model
  • Placing Lights in SketchUp Model
  • Combined Clash

Fuzor supports a wide array of file types to maximize interoperability and expand your design capability. Fuzor currently provides Bidirectional Live Link support for Revit and Archicad and one-directional Live Link support for Rhinoceros 3D as well as support for Navisworks, SketchUp, FBX and 3DS files with more to come!

Real Time Material & Light Editing

  • Original Material
  • Newly Selected Material
  • Current Lighting
  • Modify Single Light Temp and Intensity
  • Modify Entire Family

Fuzor Material Browser lets users quickly and easily modify existing materials or create their own custom materials, and with our dynamic lighting controls users can adjust a single light or an entire lighting family and see those changes update in real time.

  Learn more about this functionality in the Video Tutorial section.

Light Visualization Map

Visualize the effect of your lighting plan on a full-room scale with Fuzor's new Light Visualization Map Render Mode. Change light settings, add lights and watch how those changes interact with your project surroundings.

Family Object Placement

Fuzor's family object placement feature makes designing and design concepting an immersive experience. Browse your project's imported family objects library and freely place those objects directly into your project.

Customizable Design Options

  • Design Option 1 - Standard Classroom
  • Design Option 2 - Lab Classroom

Take Family Object Placement a step further with Fuzor's Design Options feature. Create and store any number of design options within Fuzor and switch them out instantly, demonstrating to clients and colleagues alike just how versatile your designs can be.

Audio Effects for BIM

3D visualization provides the look for your project but lacks the sound to deliver that experiential connection with texture and atmosphere. With that in mind, Fuzor delivers customizable audio effects, helping you provide a fully immersive experience to your existing and prospective clients.

Foliage with Seasons and Tree Growth

Landscape for any climate and season. Fuzor's Foliage Library hosts over 200 species of trees and foliage. If we don't have what you're looking for, contact us and we'll see about getting you the plant life you need, and Fuzor's Tree Growth feature ages foliage through a growth cycle of 5, 10 and 15 years with seasonal change.

* NOTE: Tree Growth feature not included with purchase of Fuzor. Standard Library Tree Growth available for purchase separately. Extended Library purchases include tree growth per purchased region.

Foliage Fast Placement

  • Foliage Area Placement
  • Foliage Line Placement

For your large scale placement needs we've added Fast Placement to our Foliage Library. Set a path and instantly populate it with plant life. Section off a small area and fill a planter box or mark off a lager area and populate a forrest. If you need to make adjustments, simply modify the path and watch your placement respond.

Avatar Customization & Wheelchair

Customize your avatar for both look at function. Go from business casual to basketball allstar. See your project from a child's eye view or drive around as a vehicle. There's also a wheelchair to get a better feel for disabled access points.

2D Media and 3D Media Projections

Simulate functioning media displays and projection systems with Fuzor's 2D Media Placement and 3D Media Projection functionalities. Add 2D video displays to any surface quickly and easily. Project 2D media onto selected 3D surfaces and demonstrate the utility and versatility of your design.

  Learn more about this functionality in the Video Tutorial section.

Entourage and Vehicles

  • Adding Pedestrian Pathing
  • Adding Pedestrians
  • Adding Vehicle Pathing
  • Adding Vehicles
  • Auditorium Entry
  • Courtyard
  • Auditorium Exterior and Roundabout

Breathe life into your project with entourage and vehicle placement and pathing. With a wide variety of pedestrian looks and vehicle types, users can place and path entourage and vehicles, taking their projects beyond design and showing clients the future of their investment.

Check out our Library for a detailed look at the different vehicles and entourage Fuzor has to offer.

Render Controls

  • Scaling Sky Brightness
  • Atmospheric Effects
  • Sun Flare

Fine tune your project's look with our adjustable render controls. Modify color and shadow, turn on atmospheric effects and more, and deliver extra realism that adds beauty while maintaining functionality.

View Analysis

Need to determine the value of a given view? Fuzor's View Analysis feature helps you determine a view's value based on the visibility of objects from multiple customizable lines of sight. Calculate object visibility in a chosen view, then adjust walls to hide eyesores or change your design to display your optimized view.

  Learn more about this functionality in the Video Tutorial section.

Weather Controls

  • Clouds
  • Rain
  • Snow

Fuzor's Weather Controls go beyond design and cinematics. When turned up to full, the rain simulation can be used to assess gaps and penetrations in your project's structures and more, making Weather Controls an excellent validation tool, especially in areas prone to high winds and heavy rains.

  Learn more about this functionality in the Video Tutorial section.

PTS Point Cloud Support

Point cloud data supports the design process by providing a real-world context in which designers can recreate referenced objects or insert additional models. Fuzor lets you combine your PTS point cloud data into your model, then goes a step beyond letting you add physics to your point cloud and opening up a whole new realm of design, validation and analysis possibilities.

NOTE: PTS point cloud viewing is not currently supported on our mobile platform.