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The AEC Interconnectvity Model

With Fuzor's communication tools, our aim is to keep stakeholders connected from start to finish.

Client Viewer

Fuzor's Client Viewer creation feature gives stakeholders the ability to navigate your project independently by generating a non-editable, VR-ready executable file that can be opened and viewed by parties who do not have Fuzor. Clients can explore, change render settings, and even add annotations which can then be passed back to the design and construction teams for review.

Issue Tracker

The ability to create and track issues is an important aspect of any project. Fuzor 2017 delivers that power with our new Issue Tracker system. Automatically track issues and annotations back and forth across PC and mobile utilizing our Worksharing Collaboration Server. Create pen-drawn notations on any device. Navigate on the iPad Pro using pen pressure. Add project management fields, take snapshots, make mark-ups, add comments and more. Minimize issue turn around time and show your clients you're at the top of your game.

NOTE: Issue Tracker requires Collaboration Server setup.

Issue Tracker Interface

PC Mark-up

Mobile Interface

Mobile Mark-up

Issue Response

Keyboard Notation

Pen Movement and Navigation*

QR Code Reader

QR codes are a fast user-friendly connection point between the digital and offline worlds and are utilized in many industries including AEC. Fuzor and Fuzor Mobile give you access to the utility of QR with our code generation and code reading capabilities. Create QR codes for parts of your project model in Fuzor, then distribute those codes to quickly and easily direct attention to those objects and their associated issues in Fuzor Mobile. You can also print them and apply them to your active job site for fast access to useful information.

Screenshot, Cinematic and Scene Controls

Fuzor delivers cinematic and walkthrough cinematic editing capabilities as well as the ability to take multi-resolution HD screenshots. Fuzor also lets you create door animations, custom rotation and translation animations and particle generation with zero programming knowledge, helping you to show off your project's full potential and letting your clients see their investment come to life.

Cinematic VR Mode

Utilizing your walkthrough and cinematic path files, Cinematic VR Mode lets you take colleagues and clients alike on a hands-free guided VR tour of your project.

Audio Playback for BIM

3D visualization provides the look for your project but lacks the sound to deliver that experiential connection with texture and atmosphere. With that in mind, Fuzor introduces audio integration, letting your clients hear the rustle of the trees and the transition from hard to soft ground, and providing a fully immersive experience.

Device Support

Fuzor offers Mobile device, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support as well as support for the 3D mouse, USB game pad and other control devices, ensuring that no matter what your system setup or preference, Fuzor will be able to work for you.

Fuzor Mobile

With Fuzor Mobile explore your model on the go. Fuzor Mobile offers validation and analysis, annotation and issue tracking capabilities as well as gyroscopic Motion tracking and more, and Fuzor Mobile supports Google Cardboard for mobile VR viewing.

Cache File

In the case where you find yourself without access to your project authoring files, Fuzor can save to a Fuzor Cache file (CHE). Fuzor Cache files can be worked on independently, then resynchronized with your authoring software to consolidate changes, saving you time and helping you win pursuits.