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Interactive Validation and Analysis

Evaluate design functionality, buildability and more all from within your fully visualized project with Fuzor's interactive validation and analysis tools.

Navisworks and Phase Filtering Support

Our goal is to provide maximized interoperability and utility across the entire project lifecycle. In keeping with that goal Fuzor offers direct import capability for Navisworks files as well as phase filtering support.

Annotation System

Annotate any object quickly and easily in Fuzor, complete with management fields and attachments. Annotations can then be saved out for portability and imported back into Fuzor or Revit / Archicad.

Clash Management

Fuzor's interactive Clash Manager let's users run multiple clash detection sets, then compile the results into thumbnailed reports complete with relevant BIM and assignment information. In addition, with the Live Link active changes made within the linked Revit file will update the clash reports in real-time, instantly resolving clashes and displaying newly created ones should they occur.

CCTV Simulation

Fuzor's CCTV simulation tool addresses today's growing security concerns. With an easy-to-use placement system, users can set up and simulate a complete security array, adjust camera direction and hardware options and instantly view the results.

Height and Edge Clearance Analysis

  • Height Clearance & Report
  • Edge Clearance & Report

Check for vertical clearance issues with Fuzor's Height Clearance analysis, or utilize Fuzor's Edge Safety Clearance feature to address safety concerns and check for potential fall hazards.

Issue Tracker

Quickly document, categorize and assign issues on both PC and mobile, all while staying connected to your live central model. Take snapshots, make mark-ups, add comments and more. Minimize issue turn around time and show your clients you're at the top of your game.

Lighting Reports

Fuzor offers the ability to generate Lighting Reports and outputs them into a simple to read PNG format. In conjunction with this, Fuzor's dynamic lighting controls allow the user to adjust multiple variables on a single light or an entire family of lights, and these changes will be reflected in the generated reports.

Import IES Data

For your advanced lighting design needs, Fuzor imports your IES data, letting you generate more accurate lighting reports as well as visualize your light distribution.

Cross Section and Visibility Controls

Fuzor's Cross-section tool allows the user to slice the project in multiple directions facilitating inspection of elements and systems in 3D space. Visibility controls also allow for individual elements or groupings to be turned on and off, effectively isolating systems for display and inspection. Color and opacity overrides are also available for highlighting or de-emphasizing purposes.

Step Counter & Measurement

  • Step Counter
  • Measurement

For applications where walking distance is a factor Fuzor provides a step counter to calculate average walking distance. For more exact measurements Fuzor also hosts an array of multi-purpose measurement tools.

Sun Study

  • Sacramento - June 10AM
  • Sacramento - June 3PM
  • Sacramento - June 8PM
  • 10AM - January - Sacramento, CA USA
  • 10AM - January - Moscow, RU
  • 10AM - January - Brisbane, AU
  • 10AM - January - Anchorage, AK

With Fuzor's Sun Study tool users can adjust daylight and shadow conditions not only by the time of day, but by location and even day, month, and year, allowing the user to accurately simulate sunlight conditions no matter where on the globe their project may be. Pair this with Fuzor's GIS data support for added utility.

GIS Data Support

Fuzor offers the capacity to import GIS and 3DS data into the project, allowing the user to simulate a project's surrounding conditions. This ability can also be used in conjunction with the Sun Study tool to see the effect of shadows being cast both on a project and by it. This is also useful when considering issues such as construction equipment clearances and traffic controls and is an effective tool for assessing sustainability and nearby context.